Sunday, November 14, 2021

    Latest creation a Black Gown    

The sketches done by me for this new dress.

The beginning of something amazing!

It all starts with the mannequin. Done my tracing of how I want this dress to look. On to my patternmaking.

Did all my patterns, will be ready to cut fabric soon! 

Excited just by seeing the muslin, and how the fabric may act. I'm already seeing the flow of the dress.
Introducing the fabric.

Preparing for the fabric to be cut, by using muslin first. Less mistakes are made especially, if you plan on using expensive fabric. 

All pieces are cut and being tested for placement.

Adding a beautiful black satin under the sequence.

Love being surrounded by my mannequins.

Built in corset for this dress, to give extra support.

The inner workings

Working on the hem.

Almost there

The finished product 2 looks in one dress. You can wear it with the detachable red satin sash. Or without. I didn't want to create just another black dress. But one with a choose of element to it.

The front of the dress.

The back of the dress. You can get out of this dress, no worries there is a zipper, a corset and the sash is detachable. 

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 Hope you like what you see, more of my work will be showcased. And I will share latest updates.  

Thank you for visiting my site.

A two piece I decided to sketch.

Here it is finished as a party dress!

Sharing the beginning process to make the two piece dress.

Pattern are cut and transferred to a muslin.
Setting up my work station
The pattern for the skirt.

The muslin piece to start the sheer corset.

Applied all the boning for the corset.

The many processes before corsets are done.

The finished look of a party based from my sketch.

The finished corset

Will keep you updated on other works.

    Latest creation a Black Gown      The sketches done by me for this new dress. The beginning of something amazing! It all starts with the...